Annual Class Picnics
Every year around Labor Day we have our annual class picnic. It is usually a covered dish family affair, each carver brings the carving they are currently working on, we have door prizes for all, lots of fun and recognition for all award winners of the previous year. This event gives the families of the students to get to know each other and is an important part of our school.
99 Class Picnic - Carvers w/family
2000  Class Picnic - Carver4s w/family
98  Class Picnic - Carvers w/carvings
2001 Class Picnic - Carvers w/family
2001 Class Picnic - Carvers w/teacher
2002  Class Picnic - Carvers w/projects
2003   Picnic - Carvers w/projects
2004  Class Picnic - Carvers 
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2005  Class Picnic - Carvers 
Vic Kirkman Originals 
School of Wildfowl Art

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2006  Class Picnic - Carvers 
2007  Class Picnic - Carvers 
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