How to Make a Strop 
by Vic Kirkman
Step # 1
Use a flat surfaced piece of 1"x4"x12" hardwood for yur strop. This stock is Oak. Draw you handle on the stock and leave a 1"x4"x8" area for the leather.
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Step # 2
Cut out the handle with your band or coping saw. 
Step # 3
Using a piece of upholstery leather, draw the outline of the stock the size of the area for your leather. Add 1/2 inch to the width of each side. I mark this with a white water base pencil.
Step # 4
Cut the leather stock out neatly with a large pair of scissors.
Step # 5
Squeeze out a generous amount of 2-part, 5 minute epoxy onto the area of the wood  where the leather is to go.
Step# 6
Mix and spread the 2-part epoxy on all surfaces where the leather will contact the wood. The rough side of the leather must face upward. 

Step # 7
Before the epoxy starts to set up, staple the leather to one side of the wood.  
Step # 8
Also before the epoxy starts to set up, stretch the leather across the wood tightly. Staple the leather on the remaining side.
Step # 9
Turn the strop down on a flat surface and add weight until the epoxy hardens.

Here you can also glue sandpaper to the bottom to prevent the strop from slipping during use.
Step # 10
Mildly wet the leather with honing oil only. Other oils are too slick for effective stropping.  
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Step #12
Now your strop is ready to use. The more you use it the better it gets. It will turn black the more you strop, which is the carbon from the steel coming off into the leather.
Step # 11
Sprinkle liberally aluminum oxide powder over the damp surface of the strop. Rub it in well and repeat. 

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