Boone Bartholomees
I started carving in the 80's and continued into the late 90's when my career forced a pause. I was completely self-taught, and although I enjoyed carving, the results were always less than spectacular. 

After retiring and moving to the Raleigh area, I met Vic at his booth at the State Fair. I recognized an opportunity to resume carving under the tutelage an expert, so I signed up. That proved to be a great decision, and believe I am improving rapidly.
Boones winnings

​(Pintail Drake) 
Core Sound - Best of species, Second best of category, Second best of show.
East Carolina Festival - Best of species Second best of category. Third best of show.

Louisiana Waterfowl Carving Festival - Second Best of species.  

(Canvasback Drake) 
Core Sound Best of species Second best of category, 
Second best of show East Carolina Festival.
 Ward World Championships Second best of species.    
Louisiana Waterfowl Carving Festival - Best of category Second best of show. 

(Bufflehead Drake)
 Louisiana Waterfowl Festival -Best of species Third best of category 

Wood Duck, Canvas Goose, Greenwing Teal Hen,