Why do you call this newsletter The Eggtooth? 

The egg tooth is a sharp, rasp like hard tubercle that forms on the tips of the hatchlings bill.  This sharp structure enables the hatchling to scrape away the inner lining of the egg allowing oxygen to enter and eventually helping the hatchling to break out of the egg.  I took the license to combine the two words into the name of the newsletter.  The purpose of the newsletter is to provide tools and advice that assists the young hatchling carvers (Novices) to get out of their shell so to speak and to get a new look at the world of wildfowl carving.  I hope that The Eggtooth Newsletter will show the beginner ways to break free from obsolete and primitive techniques and to use the new technology that is helping to raise our creative potential. - Vic Kirkman
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The Eggtooth Newsletter
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