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Class Offerings:
Beginner to Professional Level Bird and Decoy Carving in all Styles..

Beginners are taught fundamentals of wildfowl carving on a suitable species of their choice.  Techniques are learned which apply to carving most species of birds.  No experience or special talents are necessary to learn this fascinating art form.  Simple methodology and techniques are
 taught and can be learned by anyone.  

Intermediate and advanced carvers are those who have had some experience and produced completed works.  Those students learn new techniques and receive instruction on how to carve more complex and realistic attitudes of wildfowl.  Emphasis is on artistry, fine detail and the professional touch.

Evening Classes - Tuesdays  and Thursdays -6:30 - 9:00 PM

Day Classes - Tuesdays and Thursdays - 10:00 AM - Noon & 12:30 - 2:30 PM

 Online Classes -  Decoy Carving Live

Private Classes Available - Call for rates or more information. - 919-783-6478  - Leave callback message.

Rate-free Youth Classes - ages 12-16 Saturday AM's  (Limited Openings). Jan 1 - June 1.

Convenient North Raleigh location near Shelley Lake.  Call - 919-783-6478 to schedule.

Small classes of  6-7 students are taught in a relaxed setting and comfortable studio   with a work together attitude among members.  The instructor attends to each student according to his or her needs.  Students progress at their own pace.  No time requirements or deadlines are set for any project.  Instruction is not in course form but methodology and principles are taught as the student masters basic techniques.

Some tools will be loaned initially until the student can acquire his own.  
Carving safety procedures are followed but a risk waiver must be signed before starting a class.

Call (919)783-6478 for fees, directions and more information.
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(Private & Semi-Private)

I am located in Raleigh, NC.  My mini-seminar students who come from far away usually 
stay for several days to make it worth the trip.  The rate is $15.00 per hour for this instruction.  
The RDU airport is within 15 minutes and reasonable accommodations are nearby.  
We learn 8 hrs. a day, overlapping when necessary with my regular group classes in the evenings.
If you bring a friend, for two is only $12.00 per hour for each person.

Call  (919) 783-6478 for more information. 

Hi Vic,
"I just wanted to write and say how I enjoyed the class. I learned a lot in that week and enjoyed the friendly atmosphere. I liked that you were very honest with me, when my carving was not right you would tell me exactly what was wrong, then you would show me how to make it right. I also found that it was easy to ask questions, and you were eager to give me the answer. 
I wanted to thank your wife for making that great vegetarian meal.
I look forward to my next class (very soon ). And, if anyone is wondering if the class is worth the money, I would have to say -Yes.  You will get your money's worth and then some. Take this class you won't regret it."
Karl Northrup
Yakima, WA