Dan Weirich
Dan Weirich's interest in carving grew from his interest in duck hunting where he grew up in Western Michigan.  From his first duck season in 1954 until his move to North Carolina in 2002 hunting ducks was his main hobby.  After graduation form Michigan State in 1962 he went into the Army where he spent the next 27 years. 
With the frequent moves associated with Army life he hunted ducks in 8 different states and two continents.  In the mid-70's he became involved with Ducks Unlimited and their fund raising events in the various states.  It was at these events he saw several carvings of ducks that seriously impressed him, but the difficulty to do them intimidated him from actively pursuing becoming a carver.  With his move to Pinehurst in 2002 and a "retired" lifestyle, the urge to carve grew, but so did the frustrations from a lack of knowledge. 
An article appeared in the Raleigh N&O  about carving instructions being available in class and over the internet from an experienced carver, Vic Kirkman.  A call to Vic put him in touch with other local carvers and a car pool of 4 or 5 carvers was formed and they have been communting weekly since February 2006.

        Carving accomplishments:

       Drake Hooded Mergansar
               1st In Species- Novice East Carolina 2008 &
               3rd Best in Show - Novice

               3rd In Species - Novice- Ward World - 2008

   Current Carving Project  - Drake Black Duck

Dan lives in Pinehurst with his wife, Antoinette, who strongly supports his carving hobby.  He plays golf three times a week and hunts doves and deer in the fall, but the rest of his time is centered around carving for Vic's class and doing other carving projects at home.

Email: weirich@nc.rr.com